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Nature’s Palette – Combining Colors, Texture, and Patterns With Nature with Trish McKinney

$ 160.00
Sunday, July 21st from 10:00AM to 5:00PM at Westbeth

Discover the wonder and beauty of Nature’s Palette through playful experimentation with paint, texture, and patterns. My Nature’s Palette paintings have evolved over the years, as most series should. Students will benefit from this evolution and learn some of my newest techniques on how I create texture and pattern in my backgrounds as well as how I choose my colors. They will experience the beauty of Nature’s Palette by implementing nature into pours of acrylic ink-like paint, playing with mixed media techniques to simulate natural texture, and organic stencils to simulate patterns. Imagine - leaves, grass, twigs, plants, all creatively combined with stencils, mark-making, and stamping to design a painting - with no drawing! Now how much fun does that sound?! Bring your imagination, your sense of adventure and leave your inhibitions at the door for we are going to shake things up!

Supplies To Bring:
1 to 2 - 22x30 sheets of Arches 140lb. Hot Press Watercolor Paper, wax paper, plastic wrap (like Saran Wrap) – Wear an apron or your favorite “studio shirt” as things will get messy (messy always indicates a good time! ;)

Optional Materials To Bring:
Favorite brushes, mark-making tools, & stencils (only, if you have them). Gloves (if you don’t like paint on your hands) – affordable plastic drop cloth
Trish will provide everything else to take this class! Leaves for printing, Ampersand Aquabord, GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics, GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics, Brushes, Stencils from StencilGirl Products(designed by Trish) Gesso, Various Textural Materials, & more!

See a YouTube Video HERE 

Visit Trish's Web Site HERE

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