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Where Exactly Did June Go??!

Considering that many of us have spent the vast majority of the last few months AT HOME, it's surprising how quickly the weeks keep rushing by! This seems like a good time for a Travelers Notebook update. Not that I've had many plans or travels to record, lol, but since I use my TN Free Diary Monthly Refill to record all of my creative assignments, June is as full as all of the previous entries!
I used Everyday Explorers Co Calendar Days and Planner Months 6x8" stamp sets to fill in all the date and day info for the month. I started out by stamping June 1st with Jane Davenport's luscious Gold Bullion Squid Ink, but it was a bit too soft to show up well, so I stamped over it with uber-timely Speckled Egg Distress Ink, and I like the slightly mottled look you get when using a solid stamp with a DI. I stamped a layer of the Squid Ink to a few of the later dates, too, so that there would be a fun range of color. I dabbed more of the same sparkly, beautiful ink over the strip of flower pattern White Lace Tape I used to adorn the right-hand edge. Because the tape is super thin and has a soft glossy finish, the color sticks to the paper but not the tape!
I'm totally in love with this special "Let's Stay Home" sticker from Everyday Explorers Co, and frankly I doubt there's ever been a better time to use one of those! My Meri Meri Glitter Gold Alphabet Stickers anchor the page rather glamorously. I added a few small EEC Here and There Stickers, too, plus some clips I trimmed from the uber-useful MT Clip Tape, a trick I learned from my journal guru and fellow afficionado of The Ink Pad, Andy Evers (whose IG account "Storied Pages" you MUST check out!!!) Filling in the days of the month I've used a variety of pens, washi and stickers to visually record what project I completed for each of my creative assignments during June. I find these reminders extremely useful as I plan what I'm going to make in future.
Just a reminder that the modular nature of Travelers Company products means that you can start at ANY TIME just by choosing the "Free" (aka Undated) Monthly or Weekly Inserts. There are also specialty paper types like Watercolor, SketchKraft and more! So your TN need not even be a calendar; it could be used for notekeeping, sketching, or art journaling... the possibilities are endless! The Ink Pad carries a huge range of Travelers Company products, in both Passport and Full Size; including a choice of Leather Covers and this fun Binder Style cover that I decorated with collage papers and stickers! Check it out in The Ink Pad Store!
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