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What Goes Better Together...

...than a Traveler's Notebook and Everyday Explorers Co. Stamps? Ok, sorry, it's a trick question, because as far as I can tell they are the perfect pair! Which makes it especially awesome that you can get both at The Ink Pad!





Of course it goes without saying that the Everyday Explorers Co. stamps are beautifully designed and the quality is high. But maybe the thing I love most is that they were designed for planner addicts BY a planner addict (Christine Herrin) who not only knows what kind of stamps you need, she knows what size, shape and scale they should be to work perfectly in... say... a Traveler's Notebook!



I've added a Free Monthly Diary insert to my 2020 Weekly Vertical set up, because I realized that I need to be able to see all of my assignments for the month in one place. I used the Everyday Explorers Co. Let's Be Explorers Planner Months to fill in all the dates for January and decorated with some MT Clip Tape and these fun tiny Pen and Pencil Stickers. 



Then I started adding in the January assignments I've done so far, as well as the ones I know in advance. I used the EEC Coffee Snob and Do the Work sets to add more details. Plus little snippets of paper (the TN Double Sided Stickers are so handy) and tape from some of my projects and lots of handwritten notes and doodles.




I'm glad I chose the TN Regular Sized Refillable Binder, because the Free Monthly Diary and 2020 Weekly Vertical all fit beautifully, with room to spare in case I want to add a Sketch Paper insert or a Zipper Case or... well, it's just cool to have extra room! :)



And yes, I'm still having a blast filling in the Weekly, with things I did and made and saw. Some recent highlights include a trip to The Ink Pad (featuring Michelle Ward's Dance Line Unmounted set which I still adore!) a fancy new mailbox, a shabby chic envelope journal, and the return to our winter bird feeder of a very handsome downy woodpecker. 



I'd love to write more, but next week's pages are as yet completely blank and I have quite a few ideas for filling them in! 


Lauren Bergold

...is totally becoming a

Planner Addict! 

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