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What Can You Do With Small Stickers?

Because if you're anything like me, you fall in love with beautiful, artful, must-have stickers like these Ukiyo-E Japanese Scenes from The Ink Pad; then wonder how you'll use them to fill an entire A2 card. Well, here are a couple of ideas:
These beautiful Japanese Scenes by Ukiyo-E are just a smidge over an inch in width, so they're like big postage stamps; they even have the ruffled edge. They have a semi-gloss finish and each box has two or three of about twenty different images.
One of my favorite ways to make small items carry more visual weight, is to frame them up; another is to cluster a few of them together. For my first card, I did both! I added one sticker each to three of The Ink Pad's smallest (#1 size) Recycled Kraft Tags, then I arranged them so they overlapped slightly on a background made from part of a vintage map and a small piece of Japanese text paper. A strip of White Lace Tape in the White Flower Pattern is very subtle, but adds a bit of texture. A scattering of sequins finishes off the design.
Another great way to "frame" small stickers, stamps or illustrations is with old school 1960's era photographic slides, from our Slide Mount Assortments, you get 24 in a package, with a variety of brands and colors. They come with the film still in them, which you can use as your substrate to build a tiny collage. Or, you can use an X-acto knife to slice through the film, and tug it out with your fingers. Then attach the cardboard mount to anything small you'd like to be framed. 
For my second card, I framed a beautiful view of Mount Fuji and grounded it against a strip of torn paper from a travel encyclopedia, adorned with a few strips of Pavilio Snow Flower Blue Lace Tape. If you look at the background of this card, you'll see a third way to use small stickers: make them into a grid or other geometric form! I trimmed off the lacy edge of each sticker and made my own unique, Japanese-themed patterned paper. 
 I hope you'll be inspired to look at your collection of stickers with new eyes OR shop The Ink Pad... either Online or In Person (because YES, we're back in the 19th Street store, with limited hours!) and choose some fabulous new sticker goodies! ♥
still loves stickers every bit
 as much as when she was ten!

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