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We (heart) Dina Wakley

Over the years, The Ink Pad has been privileged to host in-person classes with creative, inspirational artists from around the world and one of our all-time favorite teachers is Dina Wakley. We're looking forward to the day when we can resume such "real life" events, but in the meantime, we've been loving her online demos and classes via FaceBook. I (Lauren) got to take her "Focus on Scribble Sticks" class last weekend and cannot say enough good things about it. Not only does Dina have an amazing and unique talent for making art; she's also an excellent teacher who can explain what she's doing, encourage others AND she thoroughly understands how her products work. Which means that we "civilians" can get great results using them. Coincidentally, we have all three sets of Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks in stock at The Ink Pad; not to mention quite a few other fine Dina Wakley Media products! 
Scribble Sticks really are a unique product. They're "a bit like..." several other types of crayons on the market; but honestly, they're not exactly like anything else. So having Dina on hand to show us some tips and tricks is a wonderful advantage. One of her free FaceBook features, "Demo with Dina" (in which The Ink Pad was her Spotlight Store!) is archived on The Art of Dina Wakley FB page and contains about an hour of Dina using her Metallic Scribble Sticks; which I can pretty much guarantee will make you get out yours and play with them! The "Focus on Scribble Sticks" FB class is still available on her website and although you won't get to interact live with Dina, you'd have lifetime access to the 2.5 hour video; plus participation in the special FaceBook group set up for the class. 
I used my original set of Scribble Sticks (which has the basic primary and secondary colors) and Set Three which has pastels and metallics. The colors coordinate across the DW Media line, so they work perfectly with her Paints and Gloss Sprays
Personally, when I'm working with watercolor or any wet media, I like to work on Watercolor Paper. It's slightly more expensive, but since it's intended to get wet, you have the luxury of not worrying if you've oversaturated it; plus it won't get that weird "pilly" texture that cardstock can have when you've overworked it. In this context, I also prefer to work on loose paper, rather than in a journal though we have some excellent ones at The Ink Pad, including Dina's Blue Journal which has a variety of paper types.
Something I've noticed during nearly every professional painting demo I've ever watched, is that the artist is generally using a much bigger brush than the one I would have chosen. Dina was using her own Dina Wakley Media Brushes of course, and seemed to use the 2" Flat Brush quite a bit. That inspired me to try a larger size and I definitely found that particularly for backgrounds, it's helpful to be able to move a lot more pigment around quickly.  
I hope you'll be inspired to get out your Scribble Sticks have some inspired, messy, colorful fun! ♥
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  • SmilynStef on

    awesome post and great summary of the class … it was so fun watching her create and getting to try it myself.

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