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TN + Stamps = JOY

This month on Instagram, The Ink Pad's friend and Journal Guru, Andy Evers (aka @storiedpages) is co-hosting a event called "You By Me" in which journalers are encouraged to try making a page in the style of a fellow enthusiast they admire. I chose Andy himself (of course!) and was pretty excited to find that since we both shop at The Ink Pad, we have quite a few products in common; which made my task fairly easy. 



The key elements I love about Andy's pages: A strong sense of place (his truly is a TRAVELER's Notebook!); incorporation of quotes; and eclectic mixture of stickers and stamped images with found items. I chose New York as my city, mixing an older Everyday Explorers Co. stamp set with the building and postal cancellation from Michelle Ward's Manhattan Map Stamp Set on top of a vintage map. I've added little clusters of Appree Mini Rose Stickers, particularly around the awesome Dorothy Parker quote. I especially love the way Andy will trim a few images from a roll of MT Clip Tape to anchor bits of his design, so I've done that, as well. 



While we're talking about Travelers Notebook, this seems like a good time to show off the September page in my Free Monthly Diary insert. I hand lettered the dates and title using my Karin Brushmarkers, and filled my margins using stamps from Everyday Explorers Co Add to Cart and Everyday Icons sets. That fun little perpetual calendar is a wood mount stamp from Cat's Life Press which is not available on the website, but I *think* can still be found in the Chelsea store.




I use my monthly pages to keep track of my creative assignments as I finish them, so I've already started filling in the last few weeks in which I've used Linda Edkins Wyatt's Lemurian Garden Stencils, AlteNew's Persian Motif Stamps, and yes, more Appree Stickers



The new 2021 Travelers Company products are due at The Ink Pad sometime in the next week or so, and I can't wait to choose my set-ups for next year! 


Meanwhile please join me in wishing Anna and The Ink Pad a very happy TWENTY-SECOND anniversary! TIP first opened its doors on September 12th, 1998, in the original (teeny, adorable!) location on 8th Avenue; two decades and a bit later, it's exciting to be settling in to the beautiful new store at 233 West 19th Street. I hope you'll stop by soon and say hello to Anna and the gang!


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