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Thank You, Mr. Holtz!

Have you been watching Tim Holtz's series of FaceBook Live Demos? If not, I recommend cruising through the archive, because arguably no one in the craft industry has introduced us to more specialty products; and for sure no one uses the TH products better than the man himself! Last Saturday (6.20) was the first half of a feature on Alcohol Inks, in which Tim reviewed all of the "basics" including the different varieties of ink and the other products which work with them; this Saturday (6.27) will be more focused on techniques. Not only did I learn some really cool things in the "Basics" episode, I was super-inspired to get out my AIs and accessories and use them to make a bunch of backgrounds plus a couple of fun cards!
The supplies I used for these cards are all available at The Ink Pad of course, and they include: a variety of the original Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks (formerly known as Adirondack Inks, because YES, some of mine are that old, lol!); some new Alcohol Pearl colors, a Mini Applicator with Felt Pads, and AI Blending Solution. I worked on half-sheets of Alcohol Ink Yupo Paper throughout, though I would now like to try some Silver Sparkle Cardstock and some Brushed Silver Metallic Cardstock. In the demo, Tim also showed how to use the Ink Blower, the Alloy Inks and Hardcore Panels which are also available at TIP!
Probably the most important thing I learned in the demo was that I had been using the applicator completely WRONG, lol. I'm not big on "rules" for creativity, but it is actually helpful to learn the way a specialty product is intended to be used, before you go off in your own direction. And in this case, "my own direction" was making it harder to get the effects I wanted, so I'm happy to have watched and learned. 
When I sat down with my supplies, I started by practicing my blending and testing out different ways to apply the ink to get a variety of effects. I made a few different sorts of backgrounds, then turned my two faves into cards. For my first card, I took a variegated background of greens and used a Michelle Ward Pattern Stamp from the Manhole Hex Stamp Set with some Alcohol Lift Ink (coming soon to The Ink Pad!) to create the soft white pattern of hexies and squares, which I embellished with a strip of White Lace Tape (in the Gem Pattern) and some foliage from one of our exclusive sets of Vintage Plants Stickers. For my second card, I applied the ink in patches and did less blending, so I would get a floral effect. I added details to my funky flowers with Copic Markers and Emott Pens. I matted stickers from Idea-Ology's Clippings Book to serve as whimsical sentiments on both cards.
I love that there is always more to learn about papercrafting, and that there are teachers like Tim Holtz and stores like The Ink Pad to assist us in our quest! ♥
is starting to see the advantages 
in following directions!

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  • Karen Kirkman on

    Very nice cards! Those flowers look great!

  • Juliette on

    Love your finished cards! Tim is THE MAN!
    Congrats on reopening the shop, too!!!
    Good Luck! Stay well.

  • Susan B on

    Gorgeous cards! I’m inspired to try the alcohol ink lift pad.

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