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Stencil Sunday: Up the (Stenciled) Garden Path

I hope no one ever asks me to choose my *favorite* stencil from the line Michelle Ward designed exclusively for The Ink Pad, because honestly... it's impossible! They're all beautiful and so useful! And whereas they all have a cool New York-inspired vibe, you can use them for just about anything, including a very zen garden, like this one:
I built a background of collaged "found" papers including some sheet music and a latitude chart from an old atlas. Coccoina Gluestick is wonderful on fragile vintage paper, and smells a bit like marzipan. I used a few shades of Ranger Archival ink, including Shadow Grey and Watering Can to stencil the Large Hex Pattern on top. To get a little bit of variation in my "paving stones" I added the most color at the edges and let the color get lighter towards the center. Then I lifted off the stencil and outlined most of the hexagons with my finest point Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen. I selectively chose a couple of hexagons to remove c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y with an Xacto knife; this meant I would have a little window that I could back with an illustration from an old gardening book AND also that I could layer the carefully cut out stones over some of the stenciled ones, for even more dimension.
Once my base collage was complete, I tore it around the edges to fit my A7 card, then used my sewing machine to add some subtle decorative stitching to the areas between the stenciled bits. Finally I chose a dramatic white orchid from a garden catalog, backed the glossy-but-thin paper with a scrap of plain white cardstock and fussycut the result. Et voila!
I wish real life gardening was as easy (and worm-free!!!) as this, lol! ♥
is already dreaming up her next stenciled card!

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  • Stephanie Severin on

    Absolutely lovely design

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