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Stencil Sunday: My Favorite Color is...

...RAINBOW! My niece Maddie used to say that when she was little. Because obviously it would be ridiculous to try to choose just one color to be your favorite!!! I heartily agree with that assessment. In the case of today's card, I've done a sort of rainbow blend through Michelle Ward's Hex Pattern Stencil; which is part of her exclusive line of stamps and stencils made especially for The Ink Pad.



I love that most of this stencil line offers more than one pattern in each 8.5x11" stencil. Or, as in this case, more than one size of the same pattern. Since there were two sizes, I felt like I should use BOTH lol! So I did. I even left the "break" between them just as it is on the stencil. Because who am I to second guess the design instincts of Michelle Ward?!



After I had finished applying all of my rainbow shades of Ranger Archival Inks (with a couple of Distress Ink colors thrown in) I left the stencil in place and stamped right through it with an ancient and oversized flourish stamp, in black ink. You cannot really see the flourish pattern, as such, but you get the feeling of it, I think. And it helps to unify what might have been a bit of a busy design. I couldn't resist adding a little bit of texture on top, in the form of diecut butterflies which I have inked to match my rainbow shades. To get maximum impact, I attached the butterflies with just one chunky, old-school, Eyelet Outlet 8mm Round Brad each. I cannot remember the last time I used those, actually, because they are definitely "retro"! But in this scenario I feel like they are exactly the right thing.



I'm pretty sure there is absolutely NO DAY that could not be improved a tiny bit by the application of RAINBOW colors; or by a visit to The Ink Pad. Which can be found on Seventh Aveune at the corner of 13th Street, or Right Here Online! ♥


Lauren Bergold

takes any excuse to 

use ALL the colors!

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  • Ida on

    Love this card. Wondering how you got the brads to match so perfectly?
    Thanks for sharing.

  • SmilynStef on

    Stencil on my wish list for sure … love love love this.

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