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Stencil Sunday: Manhattan Skyline

Before we begin, I should probably mention: This is a big BIG card, an A9, in fact! I deliberately made it big because I wanted to showcase The Ink Pad's exclusive NYC Skyline Stencil and Masks by Michelle Ward at full size. But this design could easily be adapted to a smaller card, just by choosing only a portion of the skyline, and stacking the stenciled word Manhattan from the NYC Tourist Stencil as Man... Hat... Tan.
I have recently fallen in love again with my gel printing plate, but honestly this idea would work perfectly well with the stencils and your favorite inks. Alternatively, the same beautiful skyline image is also available as a woodmount stamp
There are quite a few layers on this card, so let me list them from front to back: A shadowed gel print of the NYC Skyline on deli paper, which I outlined in pen and fussy-cut; a gel print of the word "Manhattan" from Michelle Ward's NYC Tourist Stencil, which I trimmed neatly into a strip; and an ombre gel print of Michelle's Hash Pattern Stencil on very thin, tissue-paper-like deli paper, which I've layered over a page from a vintage NYC tourguide. All of this comprises the 4.5 x 7.5" center panel, to which I've added a super-skinny black mat. Then the whole thing is layered onto some grungy pink and yellow patterned paper, and finally onto my black glossy A9 card.
Now for the nuts and bolts of assembly: before cutting out the skyline, I adhered the flimsy deli paper gelprint to some plain white cardstock I had run through my Xyron adhesive machine (Coccoina Gluestick would also work well). Then I placed the *mask* of the skyline back on top of the print and used my .1mm SX Pitt Artist Pen to outline all around the buildings, as well as the windows and the other details. Then I cut the whole thing out with scissors and set it aside. I used gluestick* to affix the Hash Pattern gel print to the vintage text which lists lots of New York museums and other attractions. I also used gluestick to adhere the word strip. I added a few pieces of foam tape to the back of the skyline, and mounted it on the panel. Then I used my guillotine cutter to trim the whole thing down, and attached it to my oversized card.
And to answer the question I know you must be mentally asking: NO, I never clean my stencils, stamps or gel plate, unless the layers are water-based and still reactive. As long as the dry layers are not going to contaminate my next project, I am happy to let them stay beautifully stained and grungy!!! :)
as well as the NYC Retail Store!

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  • Susie Bentz on

    Great project! I did not know to look for these when I was in the shop last week darn it! Next visit…

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