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Stencil Sunday: Hello from New York

Here's a card that really, realllllly should have "in process" photos, but sadly, does not. So I will try to explain how I used Michelle Ward's Manhole Cover Stencil and Masks and Manhole Covers II from The Ink Pad, along with my Gel Plate, in a way that I hope makes sense, so please bear with me!
There are actually three layers of gel prints using the same set of stencils, and the same palette of green, blue and purple Golden Acrylic paints. One version was printed on deli paper, one on text paper and one on regular white cardstock. First I affixed the printed deli paper to white cardstock with my Xyron and trimmed it just a tiny bit bigger than my finished A7 card would be. Then I tore the printed text paper into selected pieces and fitted them directly over the same areas on the first print. When I was happy with the arrangement, I adhered them with gluestick. Lastly, I used a 3" circle die to choose just the centers of the various manhole covers from the plain white cardstock version of the print, and I lined these up on top of the others and affixed them with my tape runner. When all the layers were in place, I trimmed the whole panel down to 4.5 x 6.5" and mounted it on my folded cobalt blue card.
To make the sentiment, I diecut each letter from the leftover scraps of the largest gel print and also from some olive green cardstock. I mounted the former over the latter just slightly offset, to get a drop shadow effect; then sewed the whole thing onto a piece of torn vellum to which I had lightly applied Sky Blue Archival Ink on the reverse side. I machine stitched the vellum to the background, and the background onto the card. Finally I added a small heart and called it a day!
I really enjoyed the whole puzzle-piece aspect of lining up and layering multiple versions of the same gel print, so I'm positive I will be doing it again... and when I do, I'll take photos while I work, I promise! :)
lives towards the end of NJT's Raritan Valley Line 
in the lovely Garden State

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