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Stencil Sunday: Did She Say "Manhole Mandala"?!

Yes. Yes, I did. Because it's the last Stencil Sunday of 2019, which seemed to call for something a bit special. I happen to love drawing mandalas, but there are also plenty of non-drawing ways to make them: such as using Michelle Ward's beautiful Manhole Cover Stencils and Stamps from The Ink Pad; plus a few basic circle and heart dies.
I used a fine tipped permanent black pen to trace the radiating star stencil from the Manhole Covers II Stencil and Mask set on the center icon of the mandala, then diecut it into a slightly smaller circle. The bricks from the same set are on the gel print which makes up the background. The classic NYC hash pattern design on the purple layer is from the NYC Manhole Cover set
I used the patterns from the Manhole NYC Stamp Set on the diecut hearts which make up the pink petal layer and the manhole covers from the Manhole Hex set to stamp the blue circles. 
I realize it's kind of hard to visualize how all of these assorted parts wound up looking like a mandala, so I took a few pictures while I was assembling the layers. The photo on the left shows how my small pink diecut hearts became petals when I attached them just behind the edge of the small yellow circle. The pic on the right shows the small blue stamped manhole covers being attached to the back of the larger purple circle. I use a minimal amount of adhesive to "tack" all of the parts together, just in case I need to adjust them. When I'm completely happy with the arrangement, I add more or, as in this case, run around the edges with my sewing machine.
This card is already 7.25" square, so I stopped after five "rounds" on my mandala, but of course you could keep going as long as you wanted, alternating different sizes of circles or hearts (or even other shapes, like diamonds or butterflies!) surrounding increasingly larger circles. For variety, you could frame up a few of your circle layers with squares. The only limit is your imagination... and the size of paper you are going to use as your base, lol! 
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hopes you have a happy 
and safe New Year's Eve!

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