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Some Folks...

...are celebrating Easter today, though their celebration might look a bit different than in other years. Some folks are in the middle of Passover; but again, the "gathering together" aspect that holidays often contain might be missing. Or, the Seder table might have a laptop or ipad set up with some family members visiting via FaceTime or Zoom. Whether you're celebrating anything or not, I hope that you're having a good day, and I hope you'll accept this bouquet of daffodils!
I'm a huge fan of PaperGame Sticker Packs and I love that The Ink Pad has a bunch of different ones, many which are exclusive; with new ones arriving at intervals. This is an older pack of Botanical Floral stickers, printed as plain black line drawings on beautifully sheer vellum; though many of the sets come fully colored and/or with more opaque backgrounds. If you leave me alone with a pack of stickers (or a plate of brownies, lol!) there will not be many left when you return. But this photo gives an idea of these particular stickers in their natural state. I used alcohol ink markers to color in my daffodils and leaves, using a couple of graduated shades of yellow and soft green. I love that the shading lines on the stickers give me excellent clues as to where I should add more color!
Since the daffodils were clearly meant to be the stars of the show, the rest of the card is quite restrained. I used the smaller-scale half of Michelle Ward's Hex Pattern Stencil to add a subtle pattern in Pale Ochre Archival Ink on some Canson Watercolor Paper; trimmed some very pale blueish green mats and finished off with pretty yellow sequins for a bit of glam.
I hope there are some REAL daffodils where you are, but if not, please share these with me!
loves daffodils!
(also irises and tiger lillies!)

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