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Sealing Wax Tips and Tricks

At The Ink Pad, we're huge fans of Snail Mail and all the accoutrements thereof; which is why we love sealing wax! To share this elegant and nostalgic item, we invite you to cure some of your snow day blues with 20% off all Wax Seals and Sealing Wax; Code SNOWWAX21 at the checkout! 
Wax Sealing is a fun way to add dimension to your projects and class to your mailings! 
If this elegant supply is new to you, check out some great videos from Cathy Simon of Global Solutions. The first takes you through all the steps of Sealing:
The second has additional tips and tricks for success:
When you've mastered Sealing, be sure to mail some of your beautiful creations and share the joy with family and friends!
Meanwhile, use Code SNOWWAX21 to get 20% off all Wax and Seals at The Ink Pad!

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