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My love affair with sealing wax continues! This time I'm playing with Elegant Icon XL Brass Wax Seals in Rose, Fleur de Lis, Cherub and Teapot designs from The Ink Pad. I've made a bunch of sweet vintage style tags to show them off.
This style of seal makes a square impression, which frankly took me a few tries to get right; but once I realized that the crucial factor is *centering* the seal on the puddle of wax, I was good to go! I really like using Glue Gun Sealing Wax, and these tags we made with Freund Mayer's Dove Grey, which takes an impression beautifully. I added them to Recycled Kraft Tags (#2)on top of doily scraps wrapped with embroidery floss and tied with off-white Jute Twine.
When you change colors of Glue Gun Wax, you need to dispense the rest of the wax, but luckily, it's easy to make a bunch of extra seals working on a Ranger Silicone Mat. There is a transitional period where the old color and the new color mix together and sometimes it's very cool; sometimes not so much, lol; but it's always fun and interesting to see what you'll get! In this case, I switched over to Copper Metallic and used the first tag of the resulting batch in my Traveler's Notebook, paired with BC Gold Glitter Tape, and stickers from Pepin's Art Forms in Nature collection layered on a scrap from a Wallpaper Assortment Pack.
There are lots more styles of Seals and Glue Gun Wax, as well as the traditional Wick Wax at The Ink Pad; not to mention a beautiful assortment of Pepin Stickers, Labels, and Creative Papers.
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