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Pride in the City

The pandemic has changed so many "real life" events in 2020, but New York City always celebrates PRIDE in style during the month of June, and this year is no exception. The big official gathering will be a Virtual Rally on June 26th from 5-8pm via FaceBook and YouTube; but at The Ink Pad we're starting a bit early, with a card version!
I'm in love with Creative Expressions City Skyline Die Set (I used it to decorate an Idea-Ology Assemblage Clock a few weeks ago) and thought it would be the perfect thing for making an NYC Pride card. I stand by that decision! I cut one layer of skyline buildings from five different rainbow shades of cardstock. Since I wanted to make the sky a rich purple, I added the rest of the colors in reverse spectrum order:  blue, green, yellow, orange and red. To get variation in the layers of buildings, I used the two smaller dies in the set, but placed them in a different order each time, sometimes placing one a bit taller than the other.
I wanted a texty patterned paper frame that said, "Love is love" but since I didn't happen to have any, I made my own! I traced the die I intended to use for the opening onto some plain white cardstock, then TYPED the phrase over and over (and over... and over...) on my vintage Royal typewriter. (If you don't have a typewriter, you could stamp your own paper.) Then I just cut out the window, and layered the frame on top of my cityscape. Of course the die set comes with a round window shape and a round moon, but in this case, I wanted to widen out by using a slightly larger label shape for my frame, and a heart die for my moon. An old school labelmaker sentiment completes the design.
This week, The Ink Pad is going to be slowly re-RE-opening in the Chelsea store at 233 West Nineteenth Street! We'll have very abbreviated hours at first, but add more as soon as we get back in the swing. If you don't currently get our newsletter, you might like to SUBSCRIBE so you can hear the latest news!!! Can't wait to see all of our friends in person again! ♥♥♥
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  • Margot E on

    I love this. Really just the perfect Pride card for our city. I am not sure if I have that die-I collect die cityscapes…hmmmm!! Can never have enough. Very impressed with all that typing! I am wondering if it was a mistake to let go of my old manual…but alas…no room. NYC apt and all!
    (I know, computer, but in person, manual typing shows) TFS!

  • Jan Snyder on

    Oh, my gosh…this is beautiful…really beautiful! I love to visit NYC. It is one of my favorite destinations.

  • Amy Tsuruta on

    Love this Lauren!

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