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Making Many Mandalas!

I love Rubber Stamp Tapestry's Peg Stamp Sets and at the moment my favorite is their Make a Mandala Set. RST designs all of their stamps so they're centered neatly on the peg without much extraneous rubber; and the Make a Mandala set also has a line on the peg to show you exactly where the center of that design is... making it even easier to position each element of your mandala with perfect precision! 
For this set of cards I combined the five peg stamps with some of my favorite colors of VersaFine Clair Inks, to make small but super vivid mandalas. I choose to cut out some of my design layers and lift them on foam tape, for extra dimension; but this was an optional step since I was able to position each shape easily, and stamp it cleanly.
My go-to colors almost always involve pink and orange; in this case VersaFine's Charming Pink and Summertime Orange are joined by Cheerful Yellow. My second card also features Cheerful Yellow, along with Verdant Green and Warm Breeze, which is a lovely vivid shade of teal.
Finally, I embraced the cool colors and mixed Paradise Blue with Warm Breeze and Purple Delight.
Check out ALL of the gorgeous VersaFine Clair shades at The Ink Pad Online, as well as the full selection of Rubber Stamp Tapestry Peg Stamps!
loves making mandalas
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