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It's PEN-demonium!

What do you do when you get new pens? I like to test them out, to see what sort of line they make and how they show up on different backgrounds. I also make little samples for The Ink Pad, so customers can see the same things. 
The pens represented here are:
super fine line, very smooth, loads of beautiful colors 
medium fine line, roll over ANY surface, most colors are amazing on both light and dark
double-ended with special round tips that make perfect dots, super juicy, great colors
double tipped, work as highlighters and markers, fab sherbet colors 
As for specific sets, the Kraft Recycled Tags and black paper were made with Zig Metallic Dot Markers and the Gellyroll Moonlight sets Twilight and Greys. On a white background, the mandala with the thickest lines was made with the Fresh assortment of Zebra Mildliners, a few pens from Emott's Vivid and Passion sets and a couple of Bright Zig Dot Markers. The middle mandala with the intricate yellow and green pattern are Emotts in Retro Colors and the top mandala is the Vintage set of Emotts. But how will we ever remember all that?? Easy peasy... I wrote it on the back of the samples! ;)
Whether you want to draw, write, sketch, take notes or doodle; on light, dark or medium paper, trust me... The Ink Pad has exactly the right pen for you!
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