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Hyacinth Bouquet>

My favorite papercrafting category is definitely cards, but sometimes it's nice to make something a bit more substantial, and this fun bouquet of hyacinths fits the bill. I'm using Rinea's 3-D Hyacinth Die Set and some of their beautiful foils from The Ink Pad.
For the flowers I chose a soft turquoise foil with a little bit of a pattern and cut two of the curling flower shape (it looks a bit like a hair comb) for each large flower and one for each small flower. The die that looks like a crown is the leafy section which rolls up around the base of each flower. I chose double sided foil that is boldly green on one side and gold on the other.
There are instructions for assembling the flowers on the package, or you can find excellent videos on Rinea's website as well as YouTube. For my large flowers, I followed the directions exactly, except that instead of removing the long wooden skewer I used to form the flowers, leaves and stems into their spirals, I used Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive to adhere my diecuts to the skewers, so they had an extra-sturdy construction. I also found that I preferred to cover my stems with green washi tape rather than foil; but try both ways and see which you prefer.

When my flowers were assembled I "planted" them in a small Mason jar with clear floral beads to hold them up, but these would also work well on top of a package or glued to a pretty gift bag; there are more creative ideas for using this die set on Rinea's website and social media, too!
now wants to grow 
REAL Hyacinths in her garden!

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