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Happy Mandala Monday

And happy first day of November, as well! Let's break out the pens and celebrate in a colorful way!



Tombow Dual Brush Pens are new to The Ink Pad, and an excellent addition to our already impressive Pen Menu! They have a brush that's equally nice for coloring and lettering, plus a 1mm writing point on the other end. They're slightly less "juicy" than the Karin Brushmarker Pro, with a slightly smaller brush size; but both brands are of excellent quality, use water-based ink, and come in lots of colors; so it's really just a question of personal preference. I've used Pitt Artist Pens in several sizes for outlining in black, but we have a nice set in Sepia, too. At the end, I added more color and interest with Zig Clean Color Dot Markers, which are also double-sided, and come in a four-pen set of brights, a set of metallics (which look excellent on dark paper) and as single pens in lots of gorgeous shades!
Probably you should visit the Pen-insula in the Chelsea store and test all of these excellent pens to see which is your favorite! 
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