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Going Dotty

Super-excited to find a brand new, super-easy way to make mandalas: I've combined Rubber Stamp Tapestry's "Perfect Circles" peg stamp set, my Zig Dot Markers and a few stamps from Everyday Explorers Co "School Days" stamp set. Coincidentally I got all of the above at The Ink Pad!
I made all four of these designs in about an hour and honestly, I could probably still be sitting there devising brand new combinations! 
There are five graduated sizes of "Perfect Circles" in the peg stamp set and the fact that the pegs are exactly the same size as the stamps makes positioning them super easy. I chose my Archival Ink colors to coordinate with the four bright shades in the Dot Marker set. I love that the double-tipped markers let me add several different sizes of dots to the designs, just by changing which side I used and also by varying how much pressure I applied with the pens.
I used Memento Tuxedo Black with the rings, which are from EEC's "School Days" stamp set... great for journaling and so much more!
None of my mandalas are perfectly symmetrical, but of course if you like that sort of thing, it's easy enough to start with a set of penciled guide lines to place your circles.
You can get lots of different effects by stamping the rings first and then adding color with the perfect circles afterwards or vice versa; by masking or not masking the shapes you've already stamped, and so forth. A black Pigma Micron Pen will let you add additional details.
Everything you need to start your own stamped mandala obsession can be found at The Ink Pad's New York store or via The Ink Pad Online!
would write more except she has 
additional mandala ideas to try out!

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  • SmilynStef on

    Dotty perfection

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