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Face to Face

At The Ink Pad, we're always excited to get our hands on some fabulous Dina Wakley Media products and start creating! This card and tag are made with Dina's Vintage and Sketches Collage Paper and her Collage Words (Pack #3).
My favorite thing about Dina's Collage Paper is that it's as thin (and sheer!) as regular tissue paper, but it's quite a bit stronger; which is really handy if you want to add ink or marker without it falling to bits. The designs are also beautifully smudge resistant. Each pack has twenty 7.5x10" sheets; four each of five different designs... two in black ink and two in white. In addition to the Vintage and Sketches set, with those beautiful faces and female outlines, there's also a Backgrounds set and a Just Words set. There are three different Collage Word Packs; each with twenty 3x3" sheets; that's one black and one white copy of ten different sentiment pages, in a variety of attractive fonts. PS: Many of Dina's beautiful faces, including the one I've used on the larger card here, are also available as Cling Stamp sets
I like Cocoinna Glue Stick for working with fragile vintage paper, tissue paper and deli paper. When using glue stick, it's really important to apply a generous coat ALL OVER. And in order to make sure the edges are thoroughly coated, you have to run the glue stick out past the edge. I save catalogs specifically to use for gluing. I place my item face down in the center of a catalog page and apply the glue stick from the center outwards, in one direction (to avoid tearing or tangling). After I've affixed the image to my artwork, I fold over the glue-y page, and start fresh the next time. 
I experimented with coloring the images: For the card, I used Distress Oxide Inks and a sponge dauber on the reverse side of the Collage Paper and got a lovely soft effect. For the tag, I used Karin Brushmarkers on the front side of the Collage Paper, swiping with a tissue as I worked, to keep the color from becoming too intense. I layered both over text papers, and added a bit of machine stitching.
I could not resist bringing in my brand new Kitsch Flamingo Distress Oxide Ink Pad, to add a swipe of vibrant color around that sturdy white Dina Wakley Media Tag. I also tinted my plain off-white twine, by running it over the ink pad a few times, then wiping off the excess with a paper towel. For a final embellishment, I added some Eyelet Outlet Stitched Daisy and Mini Stitched Flower Brads.
I hope you'll be inspired to get out your favorite Dina Wakley items and make something just for YOU! What? You don't have any Dina?? Well then, you should probably shop The Ink Pad's Dina Wakley Media collection!
can't wait until Dina Wakley 
can come back to NYC 
and teach at The Ink Pad again!

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