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Ciao for Now

It's my last official weekly post on The Ink Pad Blog... for now, that is. Because, of course, the online store will remain open and I'm sure we'll be posting samples and other fun stuff from time to time. But this seemed like a great time to celebrate how much we love NYC and we also love (and plan to keep in-stock!) the exclusive line of city-themed stamps and stencils Michelle Ward designed for The Ink Pad!
This card features the Map, Postmark and Empire State Building from the Manhattan Map set; the Taxi and "I Love NY" sentiment from the Skyline set; and some of the manhole covers from the Manhole NYC set, the Manhole Hex set and even the Mini Manhole set
All of this goodness is displayed against a background of gelprints made with both Manhole Stencil and Mask sets, volumes one and two.
Many thanks for all of the love and support from our friends all over the world. The brick and mortar store may be closing, but we hope The Ink Pad Online will live on for years to come! ♥
Lauren Bergold
says farewell for now!

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