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Brush Up Your Handlettering

One of the keys to improving your hand-lettering is, of course, practice; there's no getting around that fact. But... it's also extremely helpful to have good tools! And for brush lettering, that means high quality pens like these Karin Brushmaker Pros from The Ink Pad. By the way, they're also great for coloring.




The newest set of Karin colors are these gloriously bold NEON Shades, which really scream summer to me. They come in a set of twelve very useful, spectrum-spanning colors and have all the intensity you want, as well as Karin's superb brush and super-juicy ink.



Karin makes several other useful sets of twelve pens each, which are currently in stock at The Ink Pad, including: Primary Colors; a Flower Set which features reds, pinks and purples; the self-explanatory Sky Colors; a Sun and Tree Set full of yellows, browns and greens; then there are the super-shimmery Decobrush Metallics, a set of ten beautiful lustrous colors which come in a neat little tin; or as singles, in open stock.



One Karin assortment that is currently out of stock (but we'd be happy to order for you!) is the 72- Mega Box, which has ALL of the non-metallic colors, including the neons and nine deliciously varied shades of grey; plus three blender pens. This is the adult equivalent of that swoony feeling we all experienced as six year olds, upon first seeing that BIG BOX of Crayola Crayons. I know this for a fact because last month I was a verrrrrrrry lucky birthday girl who was given this set and I seriously did squeal with delight! I like to make swatches of my pen sets, though I must say that Karin does quite a good job with the accuracy of their lid colors.



I mentioned the greys, which may not initially sound as exciting as all the beautiful bright colors; but Karin have really thought about these shades with equal attention. So there are three cool greys, three warm greys and three neutrals. 



A fact that is incredibly helpful if you do illustration or hand lettering and like to add a drop shadow, in which case you know that the exact hue and intensity are pretty important and it's very nice indeed to have so many good choices.  



The next time you're in the city, stop by The Ink Pad's Chelsea Store at 233 West 19th Street, where our "PEN-insula" has lots of open Karin pens you can test drive, as well as plenty of other brands you might like!

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