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Are You Ready for InCoWriMo?

What's InCoWriMo, you ask? Why it's International Correspondence Writing Month, of course! A celebration of Snail Mail --the original social media, lol-- which takes place every February. The goal is to hand-write one note, letter, card or postcard each day from Feb 1st through the 29th. Since we're very fond of snail mail at The Ink Pad we were pretty excited to hear about this!
But hey, we're all busy, right? Can we really do this every day? Well, sure! There's no need to write long letters, or anything profound. Something as simple "I love you" or "Have a great day" on a post-it note that goes in your kiddo's lunch or your partner's backpack. Or postcards to all your cousins saying, "Let's get together this summer". Or a tiny card that just says, "Thanks for all you do" to be left on your co-worker's desk, your trainer's gym bag or slipped in your mailbox for the letter carrier. 
Of course you don't have to make the notecards you're going to write in February. Thankfully The Ink Pad has tons of beautiful notecardspostcards and stationery.  But if you're a cardmaker, you might have a few extras laying around, and this would be the perfect time to actually MAIL THEM to your friends and family! For the best chance at completing the whole month, it will help to gather a few basic supplies right now. Whatever you plan to write on and write with; assorted envelopes, stamps and your address book if you're going to mail things; maybe some washi tape and stamps for decoration? A special pen... like the Lamy Safari; or some gorgeous Herbin Ink (there are 9 colors!) for a pen you already own might also spur you on to do more writing! 



If you decide you want to make a few cards, keep it simple! I made some little 3.5x 5" notecards with these beautiful botanical stickers exclusive to The Ink Pad. I mounted them on little panels of dictionary paper I attached to plain white cardstock for strength (Coccoina Gluestick is awesome... just sayin'...) inked the edges and added some neutral strips of washi tape et voila!

Back to the original question: Can we really do this EVERY DAY of February? What if life gets too busy? Well then, we won't have officially *completed* International Correspondence Writing Month. But really, that's not the most important thing. The point is to make handwritten contact with some of the people around us, and whether we do 29 days or 9 days or 2 days, we will have succeeded!
Everything you need for InCoWriMo can be found at The Ink Pad's Seventh Avenue store and also via The Ink Pad Online!
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  • Christine Kiehl on

    I can’t wait to see what FEB posts hold! Fun. Love the cards with the mushrooms! Delightful!

  • Stephanie Severin on

    those are magical … who wouldn’t smile if that arrived in their mailbox

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